Know Your Ireland

Know Your Ireland helps students of all ages to expand their knowledge of Irish geography.

An updated version of Know Your Ireland is currently under development and will be launched in late 2023.

Know Your Ireland presents users with detailed maps of Ireland which they interact with to complete quizzes, games and puzzles. Our software is developed in Ireland, with Irish teachers to support the Primary School Curriculum. Currently Know Your Ireland is used in over 1,400 schools across Ireland and is ideal to use in the classroom with your interactive whiteboard.

Know Your Ireland 4.0 - Main Menu

The new version will feature many new enhancements:

  • All new look, easier to use
  • Full Windows 10 and Windows 11 support
  • Enhanced county maps and crests
  • More photos
  • Enhanced student tracking
  • Interactive whiteboard support built-in
  • Fantastic new printable county fact files with maps, crest, flag included

All major geographic features of Ireland are covered in detail: Provinces, Counties, County Towns, Major Towns, Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Islands, Bays, Peninsulas, Headlands, Points of Interest and much, much more.