Know Your Europe

Know Your Europe helps students of all ages to expand their knowledge of European geography.

Know Your Europe is a map based Geography application designed to help people of all ages to develop and test their knowledge of European geography. Know Your Europe works great with an interactive whiteboard, in a group, or one-on-one with the computer. The software is suitable for anyone who wishes to extend their knowledge of European geography and the European Union.

Every major geographic and geopolitical feature of Europe is covered in detail. There are over sixty scenic photos to enhance the learning experience together with high quality maps of each country, NASA satellite imagery, Google Earth places and optional Wikipedia links. Know Your Europe is an excellent companion to the school curriculum and complements or even replaces current Irish geography books and workbooks. Know Your Europe is a valuable learning tool for any classroom or at home.

Know Your Europe 2.0 is feature packed and includes great features designed to make teaching and learning easier. Some of the major new features include:

  • High quality maps and fact-file of each country
  • Over 60 photos from across Europe
  • Excellent printable worksheets
  • Fifty Countries of Europe, including Micro-states
  • Updated with Kosovo, Montenegro
  • Puzzle of the counties of Europe
  • Wikipedia web links
  • Fun and easy to use

Know Your Europe introduces users to the following European geography topics:

  • About Europe (includes satellite photos)
  • UN Regions
  • Countries
  • Capital Cities
  • Major Cities
  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Islands
  • Oceanography