OECD on Irish Education

Today the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) issued their annual report on education among OECD countries, Education at a Glance 2007. The report found that Ireland spends less on education than most industrialised countries with class sizes among the largest, at 25 student per class.

Overall, Ireland spends 4.6 per cent of its GDP on education compared to the OECD average of 5.8 per cent. “We should be near the top of the league, not at the bottom,” John White of ASTI said.

The Irish Times article, and the OECD report is linked here and you can download the full PDF of the Education at a Glance 2007 report.

Irish Rugby Squad: Mini Quiz

Today we uploaded our new quick quiz to test your knowledge of the Irish Rugby Squad for the Rugby World Cup 2008 in France. This is a great way to quickly learn the name of each player who plays for Ireland, you can change photo from portrait to action shot by clicking the buttons to the bottom left of the photo. Your time and score are displayed in the bottom right corner so so see how quickly you can complete the quiz correctly.

Play the game here, we hope to upload more games over the next few months.

Map ‘shows effects of climate change’

Interesting news piece on ITV News today regarding the rapidly changing world, which can now be tracked and viewed easily by anyone using Google Earth.

Mick Ashworth of Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World said: “We can literally see environmental disasters unfolding before our eyes. We have a real fear that in the near future famous geographical features will disappear forever.

Interesting links:

Updated Website

Today we updated our website with a fresh new look to the home page, this should make it easier for you to access the information you want. It is also quicker now to access our free online games from the home page via the new Free Online Games section, we hope to add some more mini games over the coming months.

Don’t forget to sign-up to our e-mail newsletter which is e-mailed out every 3/4 months, this way you can keep up to date on our products and latest developments.

We have also updated our blog so it is now easier to read and access from our website, we will continue to update our blog with the latest EdWare news and relevant educational news.

Article on ICT in Schools

Today siliconrepublic.com, has an excellent article on ICT in schools and the lack of progress and funding that has been made over the past decade, “Educating the educators”.

The article highlights the low level of funding available to schools and explains further the tiny €252 million budget allocated to ICT over the next five years, which will be split up between each primary and secondary school.

The government strategy group has yet to report back on how the money should be spent, which was due in May. The article is an interesting read and highlights some very important points.

Ireland Puzzle Game

Today we have updated our free online puzzle game of Ireland called Counties of Ireland: Jigsaw Puzzle, which can be played online. The update is much quicker to download and play online and also includes a timer so users can try and better their own score.

You can also play our free online Counties of Ireland: Mini Quiz a great way to test your knowledge of Irish counties. Each county is asked and you must select the correct answer, keep track of your score and watch the clock.

Know Your Ireland is our extremely popular software title which incorporates both of these games and much more, try the 15 day free trial today.

New Projects

We are currently working on a number of new projects and additions to current titles for the new academic year 2007/08. We hope to introduce these in September / October 2007 so please check back then. We will of course look after our current customers and offer discounts for any product updates to current users.

Over the summer months please feel free to contact us via e-mail relating to any questions or suggestion for current or future titles.

Google for Educators & EdWare Update

Today Google have launched their Google for Educators website. This is a great new resource for teachers and schools and gives easy access to Google’s software and on-line content and some great lesson plans too. Their lesson plans are well laid out and easy to follow, great for all age groups. I especially like their new Book Search tool and its great for searching books which are no longer under copyright like all of Shakespeare’s volumes.

Here at EdWare we have been busy putting the finishing touches to Know Your World, which is now available. Know Your World is our latest title in our very popular and successful geography series for education. We have added some fantastic new features including Google Earth places (KML) for a 3D view of each feature and direct links to Answers.com for further information on each feature. Go to our website www.edware.ie for further information and pricing.

PARADE Magazine

Know Your USA is featured in the highly popular Parade Magazine across the United States in their back-to-school technology special edition.

A new school year brings both challenges and opportunities to make learning fun. As you stock up on back-to-school basics, consider some ways that technology can help your favorite students succeed.

Master the Map
Anyone who has survived the fifth grade knows you can’t graduate until you can name the capital of North Carolina. A new software application called Know Your USA ($25) helps kids learn geography through games, tutorials, timed quizzes and even a virtual jigsaw puzzle. The program also drills students on regions, states, major cities, rivers, mountains and lakes. For ages 8-14.

EdWare in Parade Magazine Aug 2006 - Know Your USA
Parade Magazine – August 2006.

Parade is an American nationwide Sunday newspaper magazine, distributed in more than 640 newspapers in the United States. It was founded in 1941 and is owned by Advance Publications. The most widely read magazine in the U.S., Parade has a circulation of 32.5 million and a readership of nearly 60 million.

Know Your World

We’re currently hard at work developing Know Your World which will be the official name although it maybe called Know Your Earth in the USA.

Know Your World will be available in September 2006 and will included an improved interface which will make navigating the software even easier. Each major world geographic feature will be covered in great detail including continents, major cities, oceans, deserts, rivers, mountains, lakes, volcanoes and much more.

I’ll keep you posted on developments and if you have any suggestions please drop us an email we would be delighted to hear from you.