Counties of Ireland Game

Our free online resource is featured in this weeks Scoilnet newsletter as a “Top 5 Resource”, to play online visit the website for online games.

Scoilnet – Top 5 Resouces

We highly recommend Know Your Ireland which brings many advance features including learning about towns & cities, the physical features plus much much more.

Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe for iPad – Video Review

A fantastic video review of both Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe for iPad by Thomas Creighton. Thomas is behind the excellent TME (Technology Made Easy) website reviewing only the very best Apps for use in education.

An Irish app focussing on Irish Curriculum Primary Geography. This app may be familiar to teachers who have used the PC version of the Know Your Ireland already.

The app is very simply laid out and covers topics such as Provinces, Towns and Cities, Rivers, Counties and Mountains. You can quiz yourself or your students later once you have explored all of the content in this app!

AWE, Inc. DLS Products

EdWare and AWE
EdWare is delighted to announce that our award winning Know Your World software title is now available on Version 10 of all editions of AWE’s award winning digital learning solutions. Know Your World will shortly be available to over 40% of public libraries in the United States and a rapidly growing number of schools through their SLC product – “the most complete educational solution available for early learners, PreK–3rd grade”.
About AWE, Inc. (
AWE’s mission is to Inspire every child to become a lifelong learner. AWE’s engaging digital learning solutions support “In School” and “Out of School” learning and are found in public libraries, after school programs, child care centers, and in the home. They provide self-directed learning environments, feature content spanning all curricular areas, and can be personalized for every learner.
“AWE announced today the availability of Version 10.0 of the Student Learning Center™ (PreK-1st) and Student Learning Center™ Elementary (K-3rd) digital learning solutions for young children.”

Know Your World Wins Top of the Class Award

I am delighted to announce that EdWare’s Know Your World geography application has won the Top of the Class Award at I want to thank Simon for the review and his kind words: “Just when you think a game can’t get any better, Luke from Edware has released the newest version of Know Your World, a program he has perfected over the last 5 years.”

Know Your World – Top of the Class Award

You can read the full review at the website at  –

Know Your USA for iPad

Today the latest version of Know Your USA for iPad went live on the Apple App Store, we have added some new features and tweaked our app too.

  • Lakes, you can now study and quiz the lakes of the USA.
  • Tweet your highest score to Twitter #KnowYourUSA
  • Explore section is the new name for our Atlas.
  • Minor improvements too.