Know Your Money – Level 1

Know Your Money is designed to introduce young children to the concept of money.

Developed with teachers to support the money strand of the primary curriculum, it is perfect for using with children aged 3-7 and for Learning Support and Special Needs. This software features an easy to use drag and drop coin system with random money questions and topics. Both a Euro and Pound version are available.

Know Your Money

The software covers topics like shopping, adding money, sorting coins and calculating change. We also supply over 30 printable worksheets, great for using in class with our software. There is a Euro and Pound version available.

Games support learning through a variety of activities:

  • Visit the Shop (buy items using exact amount of coins)
  • Visit the Post Office (purchase stamps using coins)
  • Visit the Bank (exchange a number of coins for a single coin)
  • Sorting Money (sort money according to it’s value)
  • Matching Money (match coins using colourful pictures, integrating art with maths)
  • Money Sums (adding up coins correctly)
  • Change Given (calculate correct change for a transaction)
  • What Can You Buy (select what items can be bought for you money)