Know Your World App for iPad

EdWare is proud to introduce Know Your World for iPad, now available to purchase from the Apple iPad App Store from August 05, 2017.

Know Your World is great for learning all about the Continents, Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes of the world in a simple to use touch game. Explore each topic and then take a Quiz to test your knowledge.

– A quiz to test your knowledge of Continents, Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes of the World.
– An atlas to explore each feature.
– Information on each feature.
– Audio narration of each feature.
– Game Center support.
– Retina Display support.
– Tweet your highest score.
– And much more.

Know Your World Wins Top of the Class Award

I am delighted to announce that EdWare’s Know Your World geography application has won the Top of the Class Award at I want to thank Simon for the review and his kind words: “Just when you think a game can’t get any better, Luke from Edware has released the newest version of Know Your World, a program he has perfected over the last 5 years.”

Know Your World – Top of the Class Award

You can read the full review at the website at  –

Know Your World 2.0 – First Look

We have been very busy over the past year putting the finishing touches to Know Your World 2.0. This video will give you a quick look at some of the exciting new features in Know Your World 2.0.

Know Your World 2.0 is a complete update to the previous version released in May 2012. Learn more about Know Your World 2.0


  • All new look, much easier to use.
  • Excellent satellite photographs of the world.
  • Full interactive whiteboard support built-in.
  • Updated content, plus lots of new content.
  • Enhanced student tracking.
  • All new games, quizzes and study areas.
  • Access to the EdWare Learning Cloud for more content*.
  • Works great with Windows 7.

Over the month of April & May we will be highlighting the other major improvements to Know Your World.

*Access to EdWare Learning Cloud requires internet access and registering your software with EdWare. It will be free for schools to use for the time being.

Know Your World 2.0

We have been very busy over the past few months preparing for an update to Know Your World. Today we are announcing that a new version of Know Your World will be available in a few months. All customers will be receiving details in the mail shortly, we will be offering upgrade prices for current Know Your World users, and schools that purchased recently will be looked after too.

Know Your World 2.0 offers some excellent new features and improvements which will be detailed over the coming weeks, so check back for news and updates on Know Your World 2.0.

Know Your World 2.0, coming very soon.

We are also looking forward to introducing a new feature we have been working on (clue in the screenshot above), it will be announced shortly, and we are really excited about it here at EdWare.

EdWare Software Reviews –

Know Your Europe, Know Your USA and Know Your World were reviewed this week at today, and it’s another great review from Our software was again awarded their “Top of the Class” award and I am very pleased with the feedback, thanks again Simon.

“Know Your Ireland is in my opinion the definitive solution for any teacher teaching Geography classes. There is nothing else out there that looks better, works better or teaches better. There are a number of other solutions out there but I think this is the very best.

I would echo these sentiments in all three other products. Another worthy “Top of the Class” award.” – 12 May, 2009.

To read the full review visit the website:

What is has grown from humble beginnings as a basic blog to a fully-featured magazine-style web site. The basic premise of is opinion. The authors, all practicing primary school teachers, write about things in education that they are passionate about.”

Know Your World &

We are currently looking into some issues about the links to from Know Your World, we will keep you posted but have contacted about the issues and awaiting their response. has become our web encyclopedia of choice for future products and is included in our all new Know Your Ireland 3.0, and it also has the the option to disable web links too. We will be moving over to Wikipedia for all future products as they do not have any adverts on their website.

We are also very interested in what Google are developing in competition to Wikipedia, called Knols. According to Google Knols will be a much better encyclopedia as it will be regulated by pier reviews.

UPDATE 15 Jan 2008
We received a response promptly from, see reply email below:

“We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Your message was passed on to our advertising partners to place on the “Do not display” list. This ad should be removed from in the coming days. Thanks for your input.”

“Should you come across any other ads like that please let us know. We make every attempt to make a family and child friendly website. On occasion, ads like the one you pointed out will slip by our censors. We then remove them as soon as we can. Thanks for your input.”

So if you notice any adverts not suitable on please let me know and I will follow them up immediately. If you wish to have a Know Your World CD-Rom with links to Wikipedia instead of please let me know.

Know Your World

We’re currently hard at work developing Know Your World which will be the official name although it maybe called Know Your Earth in the USA.

Know Your World will be available in September 2006 and will included an improved interface which will make navigating the software even easier. Each major world geographic feature will be covered in great detail including continents, major cities, oceans, deserts, rivers, mountains, lakes, volcanoes and much more.

I’ll keep you posted on developments and if you have any suggestions please drop us an email we would be delighted to hear from you.