Know Your USA

As the United States 2008 Presidential Election approaches Know Your USA is perfect for learning all about the USA. Over the next eight months the presidential caucus will travel from state to state and Know Your USA will help you learn along the way, find out more.

Know Your USA is great software for discovering all about the United States of America. All geographic features of the United States are covered in great detail: regions, states, state capitals, major cities, rivers, mountains and lakes. Know Your USA is the perfect software to learn all about the USA and is ideal for home and school use.

PARADE Magazine

Know Your USA is featured in the highly popular Parade Magazine across the United States in their back-to-school technology special edition.

A new school year brings both challenges and opportunities to make learning fun. As you stock up on back-to-school basics, consider some ways that technology can help your favorite students succeed.

Master the Map
Anyone who has survived the fifth grade knows you can’t graduate until you can name the capital of North Carolina. A new software application called Know Your USA ($25) helps kids learn geography through games, tutorials, timed quizzes and even a virtual jigsaw puzzle. The program also drills students on regions, states, major cities, rivers, mountains and lakes. For ages 8-14.

EdWare in Parade Magazine Aug 2006 - Know Your USA
Parade Magazine – August 2006.

Parade is an American nationwide Sunday newspaper magazine, distributed in more than 640 newspapers in the United States. It was founded in 1941 and is owned by Advance Publications. The most widely read magazine in the U.S., Parade has a circulation of 32.5 million and a readership of nearly 60 million.

CTR: Editor’s Choice Award

Know Your USA was awarded the highly respected Editor’s Choice for the month of July by the Children’s Technology Review magazine. We our honored to receive such an award from one of the most respected educational review magazines in the world.

Review from the July issue:
It provides a straightforward and effective way to practice geography facts by way of a series of lessons and timed quizzes. For example, in the State Capitals section, students can explore the answers by simply rolling the mouse around the screen which, it turn, pops-up the name of each state’s capitol city. In the Quickfire quiz, a capital is named, and students must select the right answer. Unfortunately, the interaction is clunky–students must click “OK” to continue to the next question, which gets repetitive.

The next step is Exam, where they must type the name of the capital. Individual student progress is stored on your hard drive, providing students sign in. There is no use limit as to the number of students, making this a viable consideration for elementary or middle school classroom use.

Other topics include regions, states, state capitals, major cities, rivers, mountains and lakes. There is also a states jigsaw puzzle. If you are looking for clean, affordable geography practice, this is a good choice. Note that the developer’s previous titles include Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe. A “Know Your Earth” is planned. You can download a seven-day trial version, and purchase a download key if you like the program.

Know Your USA was awarded 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

Know Your USA – Editor’s Choice Award July 2006

Know Your USA, available today.

Today EdWare is pleased to announce Know Your USA which is available immediately on CD-Rom and as a web download. Both single user and site licenses are available to purchase via or online store. Try our free 14 day trial today.

Know Your USA presents users with high quality maps of the USA which they interact with to complete quizzes and games. The software is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about United States.