Know Your Money – Level 1 (Update)

On May 31st 2011 we released a service pack for Know Your Money – Level 1, releasing version 1.0.2. The latest release fixes some bugs that caused issues on some computers, plus some other minor enhancements were introduced.

If you are a registered owner of Know Your Money – Level 1 please email us for a download of the update, and we can get it to you.

Know Your Money – Level 1

Know Your Money – Level 1, Games

Know Your Money – Level 1 is now available and ready to ship once ordered. This is the latest in our software series and perfect for introducing the infant classes to money, it is also perfect for using with the resource teacher to help kids who are struggling with understanding money concepts.

Know Your Money – Level 1 was developed in Ireland, with Irish teachers and is aligned with the Irish Primary School Maths Curriculum. The software is designed to be used with an  interactive whiteboard mainly by the teacher to educate and work through maths problems with the students.

The software covers topics like shopping, adding money, sorting coins, calculating change required for shopping tasks and much more. The software also comes with a series of over 30 printable worksheets, which can be used directly with the software to work through the problems.

Interactive Whiteboard Series

Today we have released the first in our Interactive Whiteboard Series, Introduction to Money. This series will feature mini games that are designed to work great with an Interactive Whiteboard or any digital projector, and are extremely easy to use. The series will only be available as an online download.

The first title Introduction to Money is designed to aid the teaching of maths and money for students aged 4-8. The software features an easy to use drag and drop coin function and with fifty random money questions. Available for only €19.95, this covers the license for use with the teachers computer and interactive whiteboard. You can download the trial edition and try it today, please sign-up to our newsletter to hear the latest EdWare news. Download (5.40MB / Zip File)

International editions coming soon for the US Dollar $ and British Pound £.

New Interactive Whiteboard Games

We are currently working on one or two quick learning tools designed for Interactive Whiteboards, they will be posted on our website over the coming weeks and will be great for using with a digital projector. The first title will be a quick drag and drop money game, this will be followed by a few titles in March and April.

Our Interactive Whiteboard Series will only be available as an Internet download, each title will include a 7 day trial so you can test it out before you purchase. All feedback welcome.