Review of Know Your Ireland for iPad

I’m delighted that did an excellent review of Know Your Ireland for iPad, thanks to Simon and Rozz for the review.

Luke.. …has come up with a super product and has probably created the first educational iPad app designed for primary school use. It’s going to be a tough act to follow. The app itself has the same fantastic graphics and quizzes – Sep 22, 2012. Know Your Ireland for iPad Review
Great review of our Know Your Ireland iPad app.

Learn more about our iPad app on the Apple App Store, download it today. We plan on releasing more apps over the coming year so please sign-up to our mailing list to find out more.

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Know Your Ireland for iPad

We are glad to announce that Know Your Ireland is now available for the iPad. We have been working hard over the summer months and now you can learn all the counties of Ireland where ever you are with the Apple iPad version of Know Your Ireland.

To purchase Know Your Ireland on the iPad App Store, click here.

Expect many updates to the product by the end of 2012, currently we have the counties quiz, but I will be adding other physical features and towns very soon. Plus you can expect some new iPad titles too. For non iPad owners, I am working on bringing out an Android version soon, hopefully before Christmas.

If you like the app, please rate it on the App Store. If you have any suggestions please drop me an email at

Sunny Ireland

NASA satellite photo of Ireland taken on Monday, 26 March 2012.

This is a great photo of sunny clear Ireland, taken by NASA, click on the photo to see it bigger. Normally Ireland has at least some cloud cover, in this satellite photo we have none.

Try and spot each physical feature of Ireland, with no clouds it is easy to find the mountains, lakes and islands. You can also spot the urban areas of Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Limerick.

An interesting point on the map, notice the orange area west of Limerick City on the River Shannon, this is Aughinish (the largest alumina refinery in Europe).

26 March 2012 – A very clear day across Ireland.
28 March 2012 – Great photo of a cloudless Ireland / Different Angle

5 Must Have Pieces of Educational Software

Screen grab of the article, click to visit

Simon Lewis at did a great article on must have pieces of software that should be in every primary school in Ireland, the titles are also suited to any school in the world.

Delighted to see that Know Your Ireland is included in the list.

Read the full article at

If you think of any other great titles that you use in your school, add it to the comments of the article.

ICTs in the Primary School – Teaching & Learning for the 21st Century

We are delighted that our software Know Your Ireland was featured in the new book by Robbie O’Leary and John O’Mahoney called ICTs in the Primary School – Teaching & Learning for the 21st Century.

Know Your Ireland (EdWare): This program is an example of Irish produced software that attains the highest professional standards. It incorporates an attractive and stimulating way for pupils to learn everything there is to know about Irish physical geography…

All primary schools in Ireland were mailed a copy of the book earlier in the year. If you wish to purchase a copy, you can at the Dublin West Education Centre, they have an order form you can complete and mail to them.

About the book:
The book explores the myriad of ways that ICTs can transform education: how the use of technology can transform schools and classrooms, transform how teachers work, and above all, transform how children learn. It also examines the unlimited power of modern technology to enliven, to stimulate, to motivate, to excite and to inspire. As such, this book will be of enormous interest to teachers and student teachers.

The book is published by the Dublin West Education Centre in conjunction with the National Centre for Technology in Education and Navan Education Centre and is also available on

Interested in purchasing any of our software titles, including Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe, visit our website for purchasing details.

Simon Lewis at did a full review of the book too on his website, read review.


Snow Across Ireland

NASA photo of Ireland and the UK taken on Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010

This is a great photo of snow covered Ireland, taken by NASA on Sunday, click on the photo to see it bigger.

View Full Size (large file sizes over 5MB):
Thursday – 25 November, 2010 (Before the Snow)
Saturday – 27 November, 2010
Sunday – 28 November, 2010 (Great Photo)
Monday – 29 November, 2010
Tuesday – 30 November, 2010 (Great Photo of Connacht and Ulster)
Wednesday – 01 December, 2010
Thursday – 02 December, 2010
Friday – 03 December, 2010 (Ireland Very Overcast)
Saturday – 04 December, 2010 (Snow Covered Ireland, Look at Lough Neagh)
Sunday – 05 December, 2010 (Excellent Photo)
Monday – 06 December, 2010 (Cloudy)
Tuesday – 07 December, 2010 (Cloudy)
Wednesday – 08 December, 2010 (Fantastic Clear Photo)

Sunday – 19 December, 2010 (Very Snowy Northern Ireland)
Monday – 20 December, 2010 (More Snow)
Wednesday – 22 December, 2010 (Great Photo, Clear Day)

I have put together a quick PowerPoint slide of Ireland using satellite images from the past week, download it today for a quick activity to use with your interactive white board.
Irish Weather PowerPoint (1.6MB)

In the new Know Your Europe 2.2, you can do your own weather forecasts. Go to the Study Section, select Countries and pick Ireland, click on the weather icon to bring up a map of Ireland and the weather symbols. This is only available in version 2.2 which was released in August 2010. A great idea is to use a video camera or your mobile phone camera in the classroom to record each students weather report, this is an excellent way to practice and improve their Irish language too.

View average weather maps from across Europe too in Know Your Europe. Go to the Study Section, select About Europe, now click the button at the bottom Large Satellite Map of Europe. Here you can view a large map and click on the month to see what Europe typically looks like in that month. A great way to illustrate the weather across Europe at different months in the year.

EdWare featured on the RTE News

Luke Curley was selected by RTÉ News on October 18th, 2010 to be featured due to the outstanding achievements of his software company, EdWare. In the video Luke gives a lesson to 6th class students using his award winning Know Your Ireland geography software, at the JFK Primary School in Limerick City.

RTÉ is the national broadcaster in Ireland and the RTÉ News is the most watched television show in Ireland. The EdWare news piece was broadcast at both 6pm and 9pm nationwide in Ireland and online via the RTÉ website. Many thanks to Cathy Halloran of RTÉ for doing the piece and to the JFK School in Limerick City for allowing me to visit their school.

“77% of the Irish public regards RTÉ Television News as its main source of both Irish and international news.” Source: TNS-mrbi RTÉ Corporate Reputation Survey 2006

Know Your Ireland – Top 10 on TeachNet

In the latest podcast from TeachNet, Michael Hallissy speaks with Robbie O’Leary, the principal of Sacred Heart SNS, Killinarden in Dublin. Since the nineties Robbie has been at the forefront of ICT integration into Irish education, writing and lecturing extensively on the subject and also developing a range of educational digital content.

Robbie lists his Top 10 digital resources for primary schools, our software Know Your Ireland is included.

You can listen to the full podcast at the website or direct below.

Top 10 List:

  • Any Children’s Word Processor & Digital Camera
  • Microsoft Encarta (
  • Maths Made Easy (
  • Maths Circus (
  • Know Your Ireland ( [1:01 into podcast]
  • e-Gaeilge (
  • BlackCat Literacy Activity Builder
  • Who Took The Book (
  • Badger Trails (
  • Photo Stories from Microsoft