Updated iPad Apps

EdWare released minor updates to our award winning iPad apps for learning the geography of Ireland, Europe and the United States. The updates fix some bugs and performance improvements for iOS 10/11.

Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe for iPad – Video Review

A fantastic video review of both Know Your Ireland and Know Your Europe for iPad by Thomas Creighton. Thomas is behind the excellent TME (Technology Made Easy) website reviewing only the very best Apps for use in education.

An Irish app focussing on Irish Curriculum Primary Geography. This app may be familiar to teachers who have used the PC version of the Know Your Ireland already.

The app is very simply laid out and covers topics such as Provinces, Towns and Cities, Rivers, Counties and Mountains. You can quiz yourself or your students later once you have explored all of the content in this app!

Know Your Europe Added to AWE’s Digital Learning Solutions V9

EdWare’s award winning geography software Know Your USA has been added to AWE’s Early Literacy Station digital learning solution for V9 of the product. This increases the audience for our products and we are delighted to be partnered with AWE.

Know Your USA and Know Your Europe have been included with AWE’s AfterSchool Edge digital learning solution since V8 released in 2011.

Learn more about the AWE AfterSchool Edge product.

Europe Day

The European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

May 9th celebrates Europe Day, this is an annual celebration of peace and unity across Europe. Europe Day marks the call on May 9th, 1950, by the then French foreign minister Robert Schuman, for a new beginning in Europe.

This is a great opportunity to learn all about the countries of Europe and the European Union with Know Your Europe.

There is some great information available at the following websites:
Wikipedia Europe Day
Wikipedia European Union
Irish Times Article on Europe Day

Know Your Europe, great for learning all about the European Union and the countries of Europe, learn more.

Know Your Europe 2.2

This week we updated Know Your Europe to version 2.2. This is a minor update, but some of the features added include:

  • Flags of the country quiz added.
  • Make your own weather report with weather icons.
  • Improved interactive whiteboard feature set.
  • Onscreen keyboard added for Examine section.
  • Onscreen keyboard now works under Windows 64-bit.
  • Easier to see Study data as background is darkened.
  • Better support when used with NetBooks.
  • Photos can now be resized to 800×600.
  • Position of photo and map buttons changed, easier to use with IWB.
  • Different pen colors added, including a highlighter.
  • Improved printing, crisp text and high resolution printing now standard.
  • Other minor bug fixes and corrections made.
  • Full Windows 7 and Vista Aero support.

If you have Know Your Europe 2.0 please email us at info@edware.ie for the latest update and we can forward on download details. If you have a previous version of Know Your Europe and wish to upgrade to the latest release please contact us for pricing information.

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland


With the news this morning regarding the disruption of European flights due to the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland I decided to post some very interesting cloud maps, photos, and video regarding this.

Great to show the class using an interactive whiteboard or data projector, really bring the news into perspective and incorporates geography too.

New York Times Article:

BBC News Article & Video:


Amazing Video from the BBC

Know Your Europe 2.1

Update of Know Your Europe, version 2.1 is now available. This is a free update to all current users of version 2.0. There are a few minor and major improvements and features:

  • More photos, over 100 photos from across Europe.
  • Improved functionality with interactive whiteboards.
  • Multi-layered country maps, great for using with interactive whiteboards.
  • Updated content with more information on each feature.
  • Country maps are now larger and can be expanded to full screen and include further country information.
  • View country maps from the Capitals study area, so you can see where the capital is in each country.
  • Each country flag can now be enlarged to full screen.
  • Minor bug fixes including support for dual screen displays.
  • Improved support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, works great with the new Windows 7.

The trial version is now available to download from our website, with audio provided by Sarah Lane from California. The Irish edition includes audio in English and As Gaeilge by Nicola Crean from Co Cork.

EdWare Software Reviews – Anseo.net

Know Your Europe, Know Your USA and Know Your World were reviewed this week at anseo.net today, and it’s another great review from anseo.net. Our software was again awarded their “Top of the Class” award and I am very pleased with the feedback, thanks again Simon.

“Know Your Ireland is in my opinion the definitive solution for any teacher teaching Geography classes. There is nothing else out there that looks better, works better or teaches better. There are a number of other solutions out there but I think this is the very best.

I would echo these sentiments in all three other products. Another worthy “Top of the Class” award.” anseo.net – 12 May, 2009.

To read the full review visit the anseo.net website:

What is anseo.net?
Anseo.net has grown from humble beginnings as a basic blog to a fully-featured magazine-style web site. The basic premise of Anseo.net is opinion. The authors, all practicing primary school teachers, write about things in education that they are passionate about.”

Know Your Europe 2.0

Know Your Europe is now available to order. All current EdWare customers will be mailed details in the New Year on upgrade options, all customers who have already ordered Know Your Europe 2.0 should have received their CDs in the past two weeks.