Comic Sans Font

After extensive research and reviewing independent research EdWare decided to use Comic Sans fonts in out applications in 2005. We are often asked by digital media professionals and designers why we use this often dismissed font, the answer is simple – kids find it easier to read.

According to research by Michael Bernard, Melissa Mills, Talissa Frank, and Jan McKown – Comic Sans was the best for kids. They had children (ages 9 to 11) read passages in Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial and Comic Sans and evaluated the fonts for ease of reading, attractiveness and desire to have them used in school books. On all three measures, Comic Sans was the winner. The British Dyslexia Association also recommends the of use Comic Sans (among other recommendations).

After considering possible alternativesSassoon Primary (no longer recommended by the British Dyslexia Association), Gill Sans Infant, Bembo Infant and Plantin Infant, it was decided to stick with Comic Sans.