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EdWare is delighted to announce that our award winning Know Your World software title is now available on Version 10 of all editions of AWE’s award winning digital learning solutions. Know Your World will shortly be available to over 40% of public libraries in the United States and a rapidly growing number of schools through their SLC product – “the most complete educational solution available for early learners, PreK–3rd grade”.
About AWE, Inc. (
AWE’s mission is to Inspire every child to become a lifelong learner. AWE’s engaging digital learning solutions support “In School” and “Out of School” learning and are found in public libraries, after school programs, child care centers, and in the home. They provide self-directed learning environments, feature content spanning all curricular areas, and can be personalized for every learner.
“AWE announced today the availability of Version 10.0 of the Student Learning Center™ (PreK-1st) and Student Learning Center™ Elementary (K-3rd) digital learning solutions for young children.”