Snow Across Ireland

NASA photo of Ireland and the UK taken on Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010

This is a great photo of snow covered Ireland, taken by NASA on Sunday, click on the photo to see it bigger.

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Thursday – 25 November, 2010 (Before the Snow)
Saturday – 27 November, 2010
Sunday – 28 November, 2010 (Great Photo)
Monday – 29 November, 2010
Tuesday – 30 November, 2010 (Great Photo of Connacht and Ulster)
Wednesday – 01 December, 2010
Thursday – 02 December, 2010
Friday – 03 December, 2010 (Ireland Very Overcast)
Saturday – 04 December, 2010 (Snow Covered Ireland, Look at Lough Neagh)
Sunday – 05 December, 2010 (Excellent Photo)
Monday – 06 December, 2010 (Cloudy)
Tuesday – 07 December, 2010 (Cloudy)
Wednesday – 08 December, 2010 (Fantastic Clear Photo)

Sunday – 19 December, 2010 (Very Snowy Northern Ireland)
Monday – 20 December, 2010 (More Snow)
Wednesday – 22 December, 2010 (Great Photo, Clear Day)

I have put together a quick PowerPoint slide of Ireland using satellite images from the past week, download it today for a quick activity to use with your interactive white board.
Irish Weather PowerPoint (1.6MB)

In the new Know Your Europe 2.2, you can do your own weather forecasts. Go to the Study Section, select Countries and pick Ireland, click on the weather icon to bring up a map of Ireland and the weather symbols. This is only available in version 2.2 which was released in August 2010. A great idea is to use a video camera or your mobile phone camera in the classroom to record each students weather report, this is an excellent way to practice and improve their Irish language too.

View average weather maps from across Europe too in Know Your Europe. Go to the Study Section, select About Europe, now click the button at the bottom Large Satellite Map of Europe. Here you can view a large map and click on the month to see what Europe typically looks like in that month. A great way to illustrate the weather across Europe at different months in the year.