Irish Schools & ICT

A very interesting article appeared on today regarding Interactive Whiteboards. According to the article parents pay 90% of the cost of Interactive Whiteboards in Irish schools;

Efforts of parents rather than the Government are responsible for 90pc of the interactive whiteboards deployed in Irish schools.

This does not surprise me, although this is not limited to just Ireland either. Newsweek about 12 months ago reported the great length teachers in the United States were going to get Interactive Whiteboards in their classrooms.
Other interesting developments is a piece reported on by the Irish Independent (from that money currently not spent on school buildings may be diverted to ICT;

“The Irish Independent reports that millions of euro earmarked for school building this year is to be diverted to pay for long-overdue computers in schools. Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe has been sitting on a high-powered report on ICT in schools, prepared by leading industrialists, outlining the need for urgent investment in technology in schools. The report’s recommendations, which include a laptop in every classroom to be phased in from this year, have been awaiting a cash injection. However, the threat to the school building fund has caused anger among the 1,200 schools currently seeking approval to go ahead with major building projects.”