Know Your USA 1.6

Update of Know Your USA, version 1.6 is now available. This is a free to all current users. There are a few minor and major improvements and features:

  • Printable state fact files, you can now print state information including a high quality map of each state, great for class projects.
  • View state maps from the Capitals study area, so you can see where the capital is in the state.
  • Further web links, you can easily disable web links to Wikipedia, but you can now use Encarta, Lonely Planet links too, offering greater access to online content.
  • Updated content and more information on each feature.
  • State maps are now larger and can be expanded to full screen and include further state information.
  • School Editions also have a new Interactive White Board state map feature, allowing you to flick through layers of detail on each state map, and provides drawing tools too.
  • Each state flag can now be enlarged to full screen.
  • New map of New York City, and updated Washington DC map.
  • Even more photos added, we have close to a hundred photos now included with Know Your USA.
  • Minor bug fixes including support for dual screen displays.
  • Improved Windows Vista and Windows 7 support, works great with Windows 7.

Early next month Know Your Europe 2.1 will be available, follow us on twitter at @edwarelearning for the latest updates and educational news.