Wiley & Sons like Know Your USA

Know Your USA is featured in the new book: Computer Education for Teachers: Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching by V. Sharp; “An example of an addictive drill-and-practice program is Know Your USA”. We are delighted that Know Your USA was featured in such a great publication for teachers.

Book Description (from Amazon)
Teachers who want an up-to-date, readable, and concise introduction to computers continue to turn to Computer Education for Teachers. The new edition places more emphasis on multimedia and the Internet, covering topics such as digital photography, iPods in the classroom, the Internet, and distance learning. A robust Web site also accompanies this streamlined book. It contains video tutorials on topics such as creating a digital portfolio and making a Podcast. These tutorials are from 1 to 3 minutes in duration and are step-by-step projects. Teachers who are unfamiliar with the use of the computer in the classroom will find this to be the perfect resource.

About the Author (from Amazon)
Vicki F. Sharp is a professor at California State University with experience teaching in elementary school. She received her Ph.D. in Quantitative Research from St. Louis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University. She teaches math/science methods courses and computer courses and supervises student teachers. She has authored or co-authored over twenty-five books including Statistics for the Social Sciences (Little Brown), HyperStudio in an Hour and PowerPoint in an Hour (ISTE), Make it with Office and Make it with Inspiration (Visions Technology in Education). She serves as a computer consultant and trainer for software publishers and school districts in Southern California. She speaks at computer conventions such as Computer User Educators (CUE) and The National Education Computing Conference (NECC).