Inexpensive School Website

This blog was published in 2006 and the service Hosting365 is no longer available.

Setting up a school website is now inexpensive and quick to setup, and it’s now even cheaper since Hosting365 offer a free blog host option. A blog is the easiest method of setting up a website that all members of staff can update easily and post photos and events. Updating the site is as easy as writing an email.

So what’s the procedure, first go to Hosting365 and sign up for a free blog hosting, once that is done you’ll receive a username and password in your email from Hosting365.

You must now decide if you want a domain name and what you want this to be. A domain name is the name of your website, so if you school is St. Marys BNS you might want, or something similar or a .ie address. If you want a domain which will also come with a email address you need to got to purchase one. .com, .net are about €11 and .ie is more expensive and cost €70.

Once your domain is purchased log into your Hosting365 control panel and add the domain to your package. Support staff of Hosting365 will help you with this if you are experiencing difficulties, you must also install the Blog script and set that up. Hosting365 have guideline for this and will be happy to help.

Once all that is done you will have a WordPress blogging website, which can be easily updated.